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Skyler prepping Dawn for a beautiful updo!msp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog4PINITmsp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez-2135PINIT

Karma Beauty Lounge offers everything for hair, makeup, and accessorizing your look! Did I mention that Erwin Gomez also has his very own makeup line? It is the best!msp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog1PINITmsp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez-2146PINITErwin’s lip gloss is amazing! Our lips were plumped and perfectly colored! Everyone needs to check out his entire line of makeup!msp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog3PINITI love the use of mirrors in this space.msp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez-2142PINITmsp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez-2170PINITWhat a great team! Erwin and Skyler!msp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog9PINITmsp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog6PINITmsp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog7PINITCell phone selfie with Skyler!msp_ErwinGomez_GatheringSouls_FoxNews2016-0164PINITThose TV lights! I need some for my own house!msp_GatheringSouls_ErwinGomez_blog10PINITFun times!

It’s a wrap! What a great news feature. Dawn was amazing and I really enjoyed her sharing all of her tips and trends for the spring wedding season!msp_ErwinGomez_GatheringSouls_FoxNews2016-0175PINIT

Just a little #tbt to when I got the experience of a lifetime, was queen for a day, got to model a wedding dress, AND was on TV!! So how did this come to be? The mastermind behind it all was Ms. Dawn Stafford and she was going to be featuring Spring 2016 wedding trends LIVE on Fox 45 Morning News. Dawn is incredibly talented. She is the founder of Gathering Souls– a premier event concierge service, who specializes in event planning and design and let me tell you, she is PHENOMENAL! If you are in need of event planning services, you must check out her website . Her experience and credentials are superior and  she will exceed your expectations.

So, back to the story. I believe that I woke up at 3 am that day and even though I was so tired, I was so pumped that the lack of sleep did not matter one bit. I drove to Dawn’s gorgeous home and hopped in her car with Tammy so that we could arrive at Karma in D.C. on time to receive the full STAR treatment from THE Erwin Gomez, celebrity makeup artist, and another member of his team, Skyler, a truly extraordinary hair stylist. I can’t tell you how awesome this was because it was even better than that. Erwin was so gracious and so easy to work with. From the moment I walked into his beauty lounge, I felt relaxed, excited, and right at home.

As Dawn and Tammy got started on their hair and makeup, I walked around to peruse the lounge. This place is definitely not your typical salon. It is WAY more than that and rightfully so, because KARMA was Erwin’s vision that came true through a lot of hard work and dedication. The beauty lounge is just that; full of beauty, peace, and tranquility all wrapped up in a perfect, modern, high-end package. I loved taking photos of Erwin and Skyler in action and so if you have never stepped into this establishment, hopefully the photos and my testimony will convince you to book an appointment to enjoy your own phenomenal experience.

Finally it was time for ME to get beautified!! Yay!! Skyler and I really hit it off. As soon as I sat in her chair, we instantly clicked and I was in awe of how she gave me the perfect Bohemian curls without even blinking an eye. I kept asking her, “How do you do that so easily?” and she kindly explained so that I could replicate it on my own. How nice is that??? She took the time to really connect with me and was so polite and sweet. Hair styling certainly comes easily to Skyler and SHE is at the top of her game.

Last, it was my turn with Erwin.  Erwin is nationally acclaimed people! He has worked on some of my fave stars such as Connie Briton and Jennifer Garner among many others, has been featured in numerous magazines, and has made countless appearances in the media. My makeup was absolutely fantastic and since Erwin is also known as the eyebrow guru, you can bet mine looked absolutely perfect!!

As we said our good-byes to Erwin and Skyler, we gave them big hugs with lots of thanks and gratitude. Erwin gifted us each with a brand new lip gloss  so that we could freshen ourselves up before we went live on camera. Wow, now that is superior customer service! I am so thankful for having had this opportunity to connect with such great creatives. A huge thank you and much love to Dawn Stafford for everything about the day and for spoiling me so much with such a sweet gift! So much thanks to Erwin Gomez and Skyler Whitehurst for making us all feel so welcome and look so glamorous. My experience was truly one I will never forget!

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