Harrison {FAMILY} | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

msp_Harrison-1PINITmsp_Harrison-3PINITmsp_Harrison-4PINITmsp_Harrison-5PINITmsp_Harrison-6PINITmsp_Harrison-7PINITmsp_Harrison-8PINITmsp_Harrison-9PINITmsp_Harrison-10PINITmsp_Harrison-11PINITmsp_Harrison-12PINITmsp_Harrison-13PINITmsp_Harrison-14PINITmsp_Harrison-15PINITmsp_Harrison-16PINITmsp_Harrison-19PINITmsp_Harrison-20PINITmsp_Harrison-21PINITmsp_Harrison-22PINITmsp_Harrison-23PINITmsp_Harrison-24PINITmsp_Harrison-25PINITmsp_Harrison-26PINITmsp_Harrison-27PINITmsp_Harrison-28PINITThe Harrison family rocked this shoot at the Capitol building in DC. I loved how the boys just “did their thing” making the process of capturing them that more authentic. Sara and Eric had some Capitol romance shots that I LOVE! I’m so thrilled that Sara picked out such amazing outfits for the entire bunch. They complimented each other so beautifully. I especially loved her Kate Spade polka dotted pumps! This military family is on a new adventure and will be leaving the DC area for a new assignment in Texas. I thank them all for their continued service and bestow all blessings upon them!

Featured on: Sixth Bloom

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